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Today, over a billion people around the world will exchange more than a 100 billion emails at work. Email currently forms the foundation of our workday. But the time and effort we spend exchanging wordy emails in order to get work done is hardly the most efficient way to manage work. When we look at what productivity and collaboration may look like in the future, email comes nowhere close to being the productive force it should be.

That is why we set out to build Swif - a productivity platform for a productive world.


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Swif seamlessly combines your calendar with a task list, showing you a simple view of what your day looks like, what you’re working on, and the meetings you have. And everything is ordered based on your priorities.


Focus on getting things done.

Swif starts with a single view of all your Tasks and Meetings combined. Allowing you to focus on what you need to address immediately.

Tasks are intelligently stacked based on priority, relevance, and your preference.

Meetings are dynamically stacked with smart previews of subjects and attendees.


There's a calendar, for when you need one.

Pinch out from the Task View and you can see a full view of your calendar, along with all the meetings scheduled. A handy feature when you want to get a sense of all the meetings you have lined up over the course of the day or week.


Say goodbye to wordy emails.

Swif allows you to focus on the most important things in order to get work done. Which is why the primary element of communication is via intelligent and crisp Task Cards. You can exchange these  task cards with your teammates, or assign them to yourself to get work done.


Tasks - New

'New Task' let's you view all the tasks your teammates have requested you to address.

Tasks - Sent

'Sent Tasks' allow you to view an update on all the tasks you have assigned to your teammates.

Tasks - Done

'Done Tasks' let you view all the completed tasks.


Swif - New 

New Task

New Meeting

New Note




Meeting culture or not, most often you have to get together to create something great. Swif lets you schedule meetings with ease, and in the right context of what you are trying to accomplish. Most importantly, giving you the perfect set of tools to ensure you have productive meetings.


Stop scrambling for Passcodes.

Passcodes. We all hate them! On Swif, you simply tap on the meeting card to dial in securely. We’re doing away with annoying passcodes, because dialing into a meeting should be quick and easy. We take you directly into your meeting so you can focus on the task at hand. 

10 Meeting.jpg
11 Meeting - Livestream.jpg

Engage. Don't just listen in.

A lot happens in meetings. Teams often brainstorm, sketch on a whiteboard, share documents, screens, and ideas. Being on a conference call today is like being abandoned on an isolated island. We want to bring you closer to your team, to the ideas that invigorate from it. With Swif, you can now live stream a meeting straight to your phone. More power to you.


The perfect tools, for a productive meeting.


We want to give you the perfect tools to have productive meetings. Taking live notes, sharing a file, assigning a task, recording audio notes, taking a screen grab, sharing a screen, or live streaming a video to help you engage in a meaningful conversation all just got so much more easier.




Swif has proactive intelligence built in it's core. With the ability to assist you with everything you're trying to accomplish, Swif can tell when you need something done. Scheduled a meeting in a different part of town? Or traveling for work? Get intelligent notes delivered right to your home screen.

1 Assistant.jpg

Intelligent Notes

Swif delivers intelligent notes right on the home screen. It knows when you need things done, and provides recommendations when you need them.

2 Uber.jpg

Uber Integration

Not all meetings happen at your office. Sometimes you have to travel to get work done. We’ve integrated with Uber to help you get to a meeting with ease. Swif shows you a quote from Uber, and with one tap, your Uber is confirmed.

3 Uber Eats.jpg

Order Lunch

Too busy to step out of work to grab lunch? Or are you hosting a lunch meeting? Swif lets you order from a constantly fresh list of restaurants curated based on your tastes.




Conversations help teams to build ideas and relationships, allowing them to organically collaborate with each other on a project. Swif is deeply integrated with Slack™, and brings in all the features and functionality users we love about it.

1 Chat.jpg
2 Chat Detailes.jpg

Slack Conversations

All your conversation channels on Slack, seamlessly accessible on Swif.

3 Chat Options.jpg

Conversation Options

You can share audio files, images, videos, locations, or even start a meeting, all in line during a conversation.

4 Chat Task.jpg

Task Triggers

You can create tasks or meetings during a conversation, and assign it to the entire team, or specific people.




When you have a team working on definite tasks, it becomes easy to see a common goal in perspective. With predefined deadlines, shared between teammates, the conversation channels on Slack™ are treated like projects with tasks assigned to them.


Productivity Visualization

Swif uses the tasks assigned to a project to provide you with a beautiful visualization of how your project is doing.

Project Priorities

Some of the most successful projects apply effective project management methodologies. On Swif, teams can draft key priorities to immediately address.

Project OKRs

Followed by successful management methodologies like ‘Objectives and Key Results’ that you can apply to drive your projects to success.




Digital files are integral to collaboration in the workplace. They are the elements that bring necessary context to conversations and keep work progressing. The documents used for a single project may be stored across many different cloud storage platforms. Swif brings documents from different clouds, allowing you to access them in one central location.


Recent Documents

Access all your recently edited documents.

Document Folders

Access all your folders, across different clouds.

Cloud Sync

Sync with different cloud storage platforms.



Swif helps keep you in contact with the people that make work possible. Stay in close, clear communication with your teammates to get work done efficiently together.



Reach out to people who make work possible.



Look at their priorities for the quarter, see what they are working on, and see how you can help them achieve their goals, while working on yours.